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Due to the recent downgrade in CPPS quality, we’ve decided to add a rating system to our CPPS list. The purpose of this system is to prove which CPPS’ are 100% in quality development and do NOT have have unoriginal content. This ranges from staff members, quality, security and features. We’ve rated these CPPS’ on a star based system, which will be explained below.

What do these stars mean?
★                  Poorly developed, bad staff, copied or no features
★★              Moderately developed, okay staff with copied or no features
★★★           Developed well, okay staff with little features
★★★★       Developed great, good staff with some features that are original
★★★★★    Very well developed, excellent staff team with 100% original features

As seen above, we’ve given a description for each rating from 1-5 stars. If you see a CPPS with no stars, that means it’s offline or currently in development. You’ll notice which one’s which by the status which is right above the rating.

To make sure you play a secure CPPS that’s safe, try to follow this system as it’s very accurate.

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