CPPS.pw is back on the scene offering unique and never before seen features. Impressed with the new login screen that changes color and being able to show off my artistic abilities was just the icing on the cake. CPPS.pw not only offers a fun experience; it has a kind staff team and features that are user-friendly. When promising players a safe environment, CPPS.pw is not to be overlooked. The picture featured below is a glimpse of the “Paint Room”. This allows the player to broaden artistic skills on both color and brush stroke.

Seen from the picture above, a simple touch of a button allows the player to have access to the Paint Room or change their snowball to any color they desire. Erasing is as easy as leaving the room and rejoining. The drawing on the screen disappears once you have done so.

One feature which was started on CPPS.pw was “Penguin Trail”. Penguin Trail allows the player to show off their colors as they waddle on.

Penguin Trail has two options, which are glitter and fog. These can be changed via the player menu.

CPPS.pw has a discord link. From this Discord, you’re  able to chat with fellow players or request assistance from staff members. To join, simply click this link, if you have a Discord account.

CPPS.pw also offers all of the basic features like Bubble Color, Name Glow, Beaks, and Moods. The staff is very kind and able to answer any questions you propose. Well, that ends the CPPS.PW tour. I’ll see you next time, my fellow Speedy Readers.






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