CPPS.pw: Return

Hey everyone,

Have you heard the great news? You might’ve read it in the title but, CPPS.pw has returned! Yup, CPPS.pw is back, guys! The commands are still the same. You can access those commands by clicking the membership badge right next to the speech bubble. Check the screenshot below:

Once you’ve clicked on that, a list of commands should pop up on your screen to make things easier to reach instead of having to go back and type in the commands.

Basically, once you click ‘Playercard’, the next thing you’d see is eye color, which gives you the privilege to change the color of your penguin’s eyes. Once you’ve clicked on your player card, the eye color that you’ve chosen should show up on your penguin’s eyes.

Once you click ‘Penguin’, it should pop up a list of four things, which are: color, size, rotation, and transparency. Underneath that is Penguin Trail. Penguin Trail allows you to have either a glitter or a fogged pathway when you move your penguin. (Note: it only works if you have your speed either on slow, normal, or fast).

Next comes speed, which is: normal, fast, slow, and teleport. There are other commands, I’m pretty sure we’re all familiar with. Such as penguin ring, mood, bubble color, bubble text, name glow, name color, clothing, walk on walls, and finally, edit player. They’ve also added more emoticons to make the game more unique.

These are some of the emojis that were added:

Here’s another:

One last screenshot:

Owners Ben and Kevin decided to reopen CPPS.pw just for fun, and because people had missed it when it shut down before. They’ve added more features to CPPS.pw currently that they’ve had before, and they’re back and better than ever. Come join and play with us! There currently isn’t a Discord for this chat yet, but if you have any questions, make sure you ask either Ben or Kevin.

Play: CPPS.pw


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