CPPS PW has gone through some new updates and they are hot. Seen from the screenshots below you will notice Ring Type, Player card Color, Player Mood, Updated Friend’s List and Snowball Type. CPPS PW is both original and innovative with Owners Ben and Kevin behind the wheel it proves it’s worth.

Ring Type is turned into Dashes, Dots, Messiness and Splatter.

A touch of a button will transform the player card into a variety of colors and actually, I prefer purple.

Player Mood is phenomenal and with a touch of a button your penguin can be Happy, Angry, Sad, and surprised with many more moods to choose from the possibilities are endless.

Need a friend but want to know what that certain penguin looks like now this feature will allow you to see him or her.

The Snowball Feature is both new and creative allowing the original Snowball to be turned into a variety of different things such as Water Balloons, Confetti, and Bubbles not to mention the comical Pineapple. I love all these new CPPS PW updates so play on, thanks for reading and Au Revoir.


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