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Hello, fellow CPPS players!

CPPS.pw has recently released a new feature for their game. If you haven’t already guessed, the feature is a brand new PM system! It’s definitely a lot more different than your average and modern PM layout, but it gets the job done. Here is an example of an everyday conversation between two users:


You may be wondering why the buddy list layout is almost completely identical to the PM system layout. Instead of constructing and building a brand new design, they instead used an already built layout meant for something else. This is a unique and innovative idea though- however, the use of it can be a bit confusing, so we’ll show you how it’s done down below!


Simply click the envelope located at the top right of your screen, and from there on, you’ll see a list of your online buddies with an option to send them a message. After choosing and clicking someone, there should be an empty space that looks similar to this.


You may be wondering why there isn’t a text box where you’d type your messages. Well, instead of that, you type what you’d like to say into the normal text box where you type at the bottom of the screen. This only works when the PM interface is open.


After typing what you’d like to say, it should appear here in white text. Pretty neat, am I right? The way this feature was built is definitely unique and different, however it is a bit more difficult to use than a traditional PM system.

Want to check this out for yourself? Visit the links below!

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