CPPS.pw – New, Fun Small Features!

Hey everyone,

CPPS.pw is showing true improvement with their super-unique features that have come to the game. To start it off, they have added in trails. What are trails, you ask? Seeing this feature only on CPPS.pw, trails are several small squares that follow you as you waddle. They come in different colors. To me, they’re very cute and truly an awesome thing to see on this CPPS!

When enabling any trail of any sort, it 100% activates it once you start waddling —

How neat is that?! Now, moving on, they have also added playercard hue. To use it, you can simply say !playercard and any number ranging from 1 to 360. Any person can use this.

Feel free to log on and use this feature! Along with this, you can now tell which staff is which. Awhile back, they added ranks under names –

Exciting! To finish the post off, CPPS.pw added the ability to click links. You can also do this without opening up the chat logs, like most CPPSes have. To tell what is a link and what isn’t, the links have underlines in the chat —

If you really wish, you can open it through the chat logs as well. There is a message that pops up when you click the link, and I believe it’s a good thing to keep up to keep players safe —

The new updates and features are astonishing! You should come online with myself and a few others to see these features for yourself. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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