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Hey Penguins,

CPPS.pw has more awesome, fun and exciting updates and features for you! Upon logging into the CPPS, I was told that there are new “trails” which are basically what their name is — when you waddle around, a trail follows behind you. Remember in CPPS.pw’s last post how they had new trails with the mini squares, that could be rainbow or any other color? Now they have a new type of trail — which is only unique to this CPPS. It’s a fog trail, and it’s definitely my favorite so far!

To use the fog trail, just say !fog and a hex code — for example, !fog 8000FF will give you a purple fog trail. Let me show you what I look like when I waddle around with this feature on —


Neat, right? It’s for sure a one of a kind feature on this outstandingly customized CPPS!

Now, moving on, they have added in new emotes to use on the game. I’ve never seen some of these emotes on any other CPPS, so they’re definitely amazing to have on CPPS.pw! Let’s check a few of them out, and see which ones they are —

These are really cute! That’s not all of them, though. There are a few more. My favorite one so far is the tiara emote! You should come on the CPPS and check out more of these for yourself, as they are for certain very loved by all of the users on CPPS.pw.

Moving on, they have added item hue — and using it is more simple than you think. All you have to do is open up your playercard, and hold your mouse on the item you wish to have a custom hue to it. When you like the colors of your item, you can stop holding your mouse down. It’s that simple! Here, let me show you —

item hue

Wow, I love it! CPPS.pw never fails to impress me with their constant adding of new features. You can also do this for your membership badge and make it any color you desire. All of this is absolutely free, and that’s yet another thing I love about this CPPS! You should come online and hang out with the other players, as well as checking out the new features. Maybe you’ll run into me! If you like custom, then CPPS.pw is definitely the CPPS for you!

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