CPPS.pw: Giant Updates!

Hey Penguins,

CPPS.pw is back at it again with the big updates and the constant adding of new features! I logged on to the game today to find a lot more new features, as well as several players having a ton of fun on this great CPPS. I decided to check out what changed on the game, and boy, they added many new features — I can’t say it enough! Let me show you every feature they’ve recently added so far.

To start things off smoothly, CPPS.pw has added a brand new player management system. This is a list of all the current features that can be put to use. You don’t have to find out the command for the feature now — you can just go to the management list and search up what you need! All you have to do now are a few clicks, and boom, you’re set. Let’s see what it looks like on the game —

Wow, awesome! To get to the list, you must click the membership badge right below, which is to edit your player. Let’s say you want to change your penguin trail. First, it gives you the options for either fog or glitter. Now, here’s what also happens when you click one of the options to change your penguin trail —

These aren’t the only options!

Simply click which one you want, and boom! It’s done. Easy, right?

Moving on, there’s now something everybody has wished for — your glows can be multi-colored! Whether it’s on your name, your mood, or your bubbletext, it can be changed to several different colors through the new manager. I’ll show you how it goes —

We can’t forget the mood color!

Astonishing, is it not?! Moving on once more, another feature added in is being able to choose the strength of your nameglow. This can also be found in the new player manager, and it’s options are pretty easy to work with —

First, we choose the option…
Now we have the glow strengths!

Working with what you have here is the easiest it will ever be —

I love it! Let’s get to other features now. Nope, believe me, I’m not done yet, and I won’t be for a long while! Up next, we have the new ability to change what your penguin’s ring looks like. You can find this option in the manager, and you can choose a new ring type. Here’s the current list —

Nice! Splatter is what I chose. Here is what it looks like on my penguin —

So far, as usual, CPPS.pw has not disappointed me! Moving forward, beaks and penguin eye color can officially be changed. Here is a list found in the manager for penguin eye color —

Changing your beak cannot be found in the player manager as of right now, but it will be added soon. If you say !beak on CPPS.pw and a number ranging from 1 to 18, you will be given a beak depending on the chosen ID on your playercard. I’m going to check out what I look like with the beak being ID 2! —

That’s adorable! This shows my penguin’s eye color as well. Keep in mind you can experiment with the beaks as much as you want. There is certainly a lot to look forward to when you get yourself on CPPS.pw!

They’ve also updated the settings for when you click the snowball button —


Hey, do you remember how I talked about penguin trails before? May I add something to that? Some trail options could not be multi-colored. Now they can all be multi-colored, as a matter of fact, and color you want! Players also tended to have lag problems upon waddling around with trails. The lag problems have been fixed!

Have I added in that you can now easily find a desired clothing piece for your penguin? This is found in the player manager with the title “Buy Clothing”. All you really need to do is type in the name of the desired item, and it will pop up. Here is what the clothing finder looks like —

To add an item, just click it if you do not have it, and it will be added. CPPS.pw is planning to make something similar to this available for igloos and furniture very soon. Wow, they’re making our lives so much easier!

CPPS.pw is also planning to later on add an all new igloo customization system which can allow players to modify the looks of both furniture items and igloos. Plus, the inventory system will be getting an overhaul which will allow players to delete items from their inventory and save outfits. Keep in mind this is not out yet, and it will be coming soon. Once these features are released, you’ll see them here on Speedy CPPSHQ right away, that’s for sure!

Come online and check out both the new features and the CPPS itself! You have to play a CPPS like this, it’s for sure like none other!

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