Cpps.one is finally here!

Don’t worry, this just might spark your Monday. If you didn’t already know, Cpps.one, a more custom-personal CPPS was finally released last week. This CPPS has got all the features users are looking for, and I’m here to target them all. The announcement was seen  on March 23rd.

The CPPS has spent an incredible amount of time making every detail precise. Undoubtedly, it’s been worth the wait. You can customize your penguin like no other CPPS allows you to.


One of my favorite features of CPPS One is the custom items. The items can be purchased in the credit shop. During beta testing, users would stay for a long time to gain credits. Credits are used to purchase special items. If your penguin was created during that time, you are considered VIP. VIP penguins get 3,000 credits and regular users get 1,000 credits every ten minutes. CPPS One also has custom pins with unique designs that can be seen in the screenshot below.

The custom items move!

Credit Shop

You can purchase any custom badge, item or upgrade in the credit shop. These prices are fairly high, so get online! 🙂


There are so many things that make this site distinctive. With the player-manager, you can change your penguin’s mood with 10+ facial expressions (so cute!!), custom your nameglow/bubbleglow, or even transform. You can also make a background and upload it to your penguin! I was able to have player card music which is super dope. All features make your penguin have a signature flair. Custom fonts, colors, and styles make your penguin unique.

This CPPS I believe will take your penguin to another world to experience a site like no other. Hope you enjoyed this journey until next time. Stay tuned for updates on their discord and twitter below. 

CPPS.one discord: discord.gg/Zas98BH

                        Twitter: Cpps_one

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Hiya! I'm Vale, who loves nothing more than the latest CPPS news! Please, join me, and sit back for the latest ride!
More about me:
I have been playing in the CPPS world since 2012. Formerly, I have moderated on a few, then decided to take a break when they shut down. This was a very hard decision of mine but I have realized a few things while I was gone: how incredibly much I've missed it. Well, I am finally back to do much more with the community than I used to. I am very passionate about this subject and will be for the rest of my life. On the side of that, I do cut-outs and designing. Make sure to say hi to me on CP Online, I moderate there!

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