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Many of you may know that CPPS.one had closed its doors on June 1, 2017. CPPS.one is now making a comeback coming back stronger and more innovative. This site has many advanced and unique features, such as custom items, custom badges, marry and bff, playercard music and more. They have a well-designed interface, login and shell reinstated back into the site. CPPS.one is an AS2 Club Penguin Private Server and is owned by Swanky and Kevin. The staff includes Swanky as Administrator, Kevin as  Developer, Hisoka as Community Manager and Adelie as one of the Designers. The Moderators are Greg and Swegy. Unfortunately, CPPS.one is not hiring at the moment. CPPS.one is currently in the beta testing stage and within the next sixty days, CPPS.one will be fully released. Let’s now learn what CPPS.one has to offer and learn about the site.

One of the unique features that CPPS.one has is the Room Editor. The Room Editor is currently in beta and CPPS.one is currently the only CPPS that has features like this and this allows the user to edit the room that they are in.

As seen from the picture above I moved the chairs and table to the bottom left corner. You can view the Room Editor by clicking the wrench icon on the bottom left corner.

The CPPS.one Manager is organized in several ways such as Penguin Moods, Name Settings, Bubble Settings and Penguin Settings. the player will able to switch badges whenever they like as well as transform into various creatures.

You can change the name glow and name color of your username to however you want it to be.

As seen from the picture above you can change the font or keep it as default. Several fonts are available for the players.

The picture above shows how you can change the bubble color and bubble text to what you desire.

Penguin Settings is where you can edit the speed, alpha, blend, ring color and color of your penguin. The player can choose from Low, Medium or Normal for Alpha. You can change your speed by using the bar underneath it. The player can choose ring color and penguin color by clicking the squares next to the columns.

Penguin blend modes include Normal, Add or Difference. You will also be able to change the size of your penguin as shown in the picture below.

The picture below features the Trade Request and is by far a unique feature in CPPS.one.

The Trading system has now been fixed and operational. You are only able to trade with your friends. Anyone not on your friend’s list will not be able to trade with you. The same incorporates the credits trading. A player is free to trade any item that they like. Once you have received a message you can simply click yes to get the item selection. If you change your mind and don’t want to trade simply click no. CPPS.one also features a Buddies list so you can buddy your favorite guy or girl.

I love the redesign of the Buddy list that incorporates a beautiful and intricate design. Many other features include the credits shop, party switcher, item adder, join a room and a background uploader. Remember the upload must be the size 210 x 210.

The credit shop consists of badges, items and upgrades. The badges and items marked rare is in the shop for a limited amount of time and may not be available in the shop anymore.

The item adder feature is a cool idea and easier for the user get items by a simple click of a button you can enjoy some fabulous penguin fashion. The party switcher feature is so cool and the player can switch to whichever party they desire. The join room is another innovative feature that gives the player a list of rooms and with a simple click, you can join a chosen room. Some other features of CPPS.one are the reload button and the full-screen button. You can use the reload button to reload the play page and you won’t need to login again. If you want a full screenplay page then you simply click the full-screen button.

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