CPPS.one: Closed

Hi everyone,

Today, CPPS.one announced their sudden closure, with the developer abandoning the project.

A notice was left within the CPPS.one discord server, and the website further explaining the situation, and confirming the closure:

Hello Everyone, as you may or may not know (dependant upon the level to which you have followed the development of CPPS.one), the developer has decided to leave and the project has been abandoned. I decided to keep CPPS.one online in the hopes that its development would be undertaken by someone else. As I have no interest in working on this project myself, I have made the decision to cease operations of CPPS.one.

User accounts have been removed from my production server and an encrypted version of the database stored locally on my machine. I have also taken backup of the game server & media assets for CPPS.one, and I am willing to hand them to someone who I think would be able to continue with the project on their own (however I am unable to transfer ownership of the cpps.one domain).

Furthermore, if you want to keep in contact with our small community (including Ellie), you can join my Discord server https://discord.gg/3HGp8Sc .
Have a great week. Peace! ~ Ben

CPPS.one first joined us in 2015, then made its short-lived return earlier last month.

If you are wanting to claim CPPS.one’s game server & media assets, you are instructed to contact Ben#2732 via discord.

As recommended, you can join CPPS.pw here.




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