Ready for some new hype and an exciting ride? An old server is back with attitude. CPPS ONE an AS2 server with owners Kevin and Liam. This site is not only making a comeback and returning from the dead but it’s coming back bigger and stronger than ever.

CPPS ONE will run on a very secure server and Owner Kevin says “Our user’s safety is what matters to us the most which is why we aren’t using MD5 to hash passwords.” CPPS ONE will have never before seen features including custom player badges and player card likes. Seen in the screenshot below the login page is unique with cute puffle clouds hovering in the sky.

Seen below is the sleek design of the CPPS ONE server login featuring a custom welcome message that includes your penguin’s name. This little touch made me smile.

An experience like no other is what CPPS ONE will offer, I can’t wait for what’s to come!

In the screenshot above you’ll notice a pencil up on the far right of the screen. The player can hit the pencil and presto it will inform your penguin of many features, and that’s just the beginning. Below the Moods the player can access Name Settings, Bubble Settings, My Badges, Transformations and Penguin Settings.

The Badge viewer is a unique feature and seen in the screenshot above you may notice a familiar badge, the Toilet Bowl that is trippy with rainbow colors and actually rotates. This will surely please anyone with color taste.

In the screenshot overhead a Help Center is available and here a penguin can find about how credits are implemented.

Also in the Help Center, a player can mute their music and more options. These buttons are so easy to manipulate making the gaming experience more enjoyable.

A Dashboard is available for anyone needing help with the server just simply hit the button that says Account.

The Dashboard also includes account settings and a help center.



Unfortunately, CPPS ONE is not hiring at the moment but will in the near future so join the discord for further updates. Consistent themes will play a major role and unique features will make this server different from others in the community. A credit system will also be implemented for ten minutes a player stays in the game he or she will granted 1000 credits that will allow them to purchase special items. VIP will be a special rank but this must be purchased through PayPal and will allow you access to everything including earning 3000 credits for very ten minutes in the game. A command page will not be available but CPPS ONE will offer a special player-manager in its place.  CPPS ONE is in the beta stage but the beta selection is closed.

Music is always part of us so those penguins who love to rock out or simply listen to some relaxing music from their favorite youtube selection it will be possible with a simple touch of the music note located on the player card. When pushed the player can enter a youtube URL. In the screenshot beneath it shows the music note and how to enter the youtube selection.

Transformations are always fun and entertaining and CPPS ONE will offer a wide variety of them. Some are seen in the screenshots below.

Follow CPPS ONE on Twitter for the latest news @cpps_one and join their discord here. See ya later gator.




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