CPPS.me: VIP Pass

Hey everyone!

I have exciting news for you! CPPS.me has implemented something new. It’s sort of like the verification badge on Twitter, and it’s called VIP passes. Read on to find out more.

First of all, the VIP pass is now patched for the simple purpose of verification. VIP passes are only obtainable if you are a SpeedyCPPSHQ staff member, current moderator or a former admin on a famous CPPS; or if you’re just well-known and trusted in the CPPS Community. The VIP pass is useful  when people don’t believe who you are or  who you say you are, so you can just wear it to prove you’re that user.

Here is my penguin wearing a VIP pass:

Isn’t this cool? If you would like more information regarding anything related to CPPS.me, type the following command into your chat bar: “!help faq”.

Have a nice day!

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