CPPS.me: Two Factor Authentication Added!

Hey everyone,

Jennifer here with some exciting news! CPPS.me has been at it lately with adding a lot more security features into the game. Players are now given the option to enable 2FA for themselves! You can do this through the manager. This is also mainly used for the manager, so it’ll definitely come in handy if you’re not wanting someone to get into your account through there. I’m going to go through this and how to enable it, and I will be explaining how it works.

To start this post off on the right foot, upon entering the CPPS.me manager, you can see there was a new slot added in to the login fields —

A 2FA code slot added! Hooray! If you’re planning to not use 2FA, all you can do is enter your username and password. From there, you can login. Don’t worry about 2FA if you have it disabled! Let’s login and see what’s up in the manager —

I crossed my name and ID out due to wanting the account to remain anonymous.

Looking pretty good! To add 2FA, you can click “Change Security” which will give you the option to enable 2FA. This shows you the PIN as well if you want to get yourself a new PIN, and right below that you’re introduced with 2FA. You must enter your password first before enabling 2FA, as you can see right here —

When enabling 2FA, you’re asked this question right before you do it —

Now, I’m pretty sure you’re thinking, “Wait, you need the Google Authenticator application on a device to enable 2FA?!” — The answer is yes, you do need Google Authenticator on your phone, an iPad, an iPod, or any other device. Without it, as said, you’ll lock yourself out of the manager — and nobody wants that!

Now that I’ve enabled 2FA, I’m given this message, as well as this picture —

I drew over the QR code to stay safe, hehe

Grab your device when you’re finished and scan the given QR code with Google Authenticator! It’s that simple. Once you’re finished, you’ll be given a unique, 6-digit number which continuously changes throughout the day to boost your security. When you login to the manager, you must first put in your username and password. then you must proceed to whip out your device and look at the current 6-digit number being shown to you. Once you get the number, type it in to the 2FA slot, and login. Once you login, you’re all set! It’s that easy!

Please keep in mind this is a brand new feature, and it can be possible at times to accidentally lock yourself out of the manager. If so, do not hesitate to contact Support and get the issue fixed out with the staff. Also, there are other times where you can be given an error upon scanning your unique QR code. This is a bug, and if you’re being given this bug, once again — please tell the staff through CPPS.me support as soon as possible so they can both fix the issue and get your account back if you log yourself out!

I hope you enjoy CPPS.me’s new feature. This will be very beneficial to several people, so if you’re someone who doesn’t want their account to be compromised by an enemy or such, this new security feature is for you!



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