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The biggest, most trendiest phase to hit this era, has rocked CPPS.me! If you own a smartphone, we’re pretty sure you’re an emoji expert by now. But those who are clueless to the term, let’s take you on a trip to urban dictionary.

Emoji (from Japanese 絵文字, read えもじ) (pl. emoji) are the tiny pictures you can put on your texts.

Source: Urban Dictionary

Also a fun fact, who knew they originated from Japan? The more you know.. So by now you’re an emoji expert! So, let’s hop right to it.

Recently, CPPS.me has rolled out something that isn’t common, actually being one of the first servers to do such a thing. Finally, player statuses now support unicode emojis!

Now we all know you could already just add symbols to symbolize what you were after, like this..


Credits to DazzlingStar for this super trendy typical girl outfit – which we decided to clone!

But why be boring? Let’s now see how amazing it’d look with UNICODE EMOJIS!


Our model couldn’t wait and decided to get a fake tan before we took the ‘after’ shot. Apologies! Note: This is the same model, the fake tan went horribly wrong.

What a difference! We can finally sleep easy, knowing every single CPPS.me player can now emoji-fy their life!

Now some of you may be wondering..but wait Michael?? I have a mac and I’m concerned that this will not work for me. Well, rest easy. They in-fact do work if you are on a mac- Hurrah! Let’s admire our very own Speedy CPPSHQ penguin model and author – Loushowcasing the mac emojis!


Wonder why she chose the eggplant emoji? I guess she really loves her vegetables, everyone should be more like Lou! #EggplantYourStatus #SupportVegetables

Now you may be wondering how to insert your   into your status..

  • Google search Unicode Emoji List or visit this site.
  • Browse for your favorite emoji ( of course).
  • Copy & place it into the position you’d like it and you’re done!

Now, the hottest model of them all (me), will now present you the final product.

We put this to the users, and two amazing users have provided some amazing feedback on the newest feature:

MelissaXD said:

I LOVE EMOJIS! Finally, I can add colorful hearts next to my best friends name, I love you Jessie.

ImNotAHorse said:


Okay.. so we may have came across a language barrier. But before we wrap, let’s throw it to you!

Do you like this new feature?

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Now try it for yourself, now go on…don’t be shy.

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