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Scenario: A user asked how to transfer ng/bc to another account with a space in it.
Staff Member Rank: Moderator
Helpfulness: 9/10 – The user approached a moderator with a question on how to transfer ng/bc to another account with a space in it, the moderator stopped what they were doing and helped the user.
Friendliness: 9/10 – The moderator was very friendly towards the user, saying hello and goodbye politely.
Accuracy: 10/10 –  The moderator was very accurate with the question, adjusting to the users needs. He went into good detail on how to do it and explained it well.
Dedication: 10/10 – He seemed to be very dedicated with the issue and wanted to help taking his time and explaining it to the users understanding. Answering any further questions.

Comment: The moderator did a good job explaining to the user, he then made sure the user understood what the mod was saying to the user. He explained if you had a space you needed an id, using the !ID command. The mod also explained that you need both accounts online and when the mod was done explaining, they made sure the user had clarified it all.

Moderator Quiz

1- How do I apply for moderator?
“You can apply at support.cpps.me while filling out a mod application in a new ticket”

2- Do you need skype?
“You do need skype as a form of communication/contact.”

3- How do I know if I got moderator?
“You will get a reply on your ticket or in the game by a staff member, most likely an admin.”

The moderator answered 3/3 questions to a satisfactory level.

Overall comment: The moderator did a great job explaining to the user and answering questions, although when explaining how much ng/bc is, they could’ve used more detail. They did a great job with explaining how to transfer ng/bc, how to sign into manager, where it was all located, etc. Although the moderator was very busy with other reports and !Help commands, he did save time and put some aside to assist him.


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