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Scenario: A user needed help with password recovery
Staff Member Rank: Moderator
Helpfulness: 6/10 – He said 3 words, “Go to manager”, An admin then stepped in helping the user.
Friendliness: 7/10 – He said hello, talking to other users until addressing the problem.
Accuracy: 6/10 – He didn’t seem to take that much care to the issue, while an admin stepped in first curious, and then taking time to solve the underlying issue completely.
Dedication: 7/10 – He wasn’t too happy about a report and after he ignored the user, while an admin still helped.


Comment: The user approached the mod, asking for password recovery. The mod continued talking to other users, though he clearly saw some distress. He then turned to the user saying, “Hello” and asking what the issue was. The user carefully explained the issue, then an admin came in when the mod used the filter option, talking to another mod. Afterwards, the mod ignored the issue walking away.

Moderator Quiz

1- How do I add items?
“You can add items with the !ai command, I would recommend using CP wiki for item codes.”

2- Where do I purchase nameglow/bubble color?
“You can purchase it in manager, using paypal.”

3- How do I report a player?
“On the playercard, there will a badge. Click it for more options.”

The moderator answered 2/3 questions to a satisfactory level.

Overall Comment: When a user approached the moderator asking some basic questions, the moderator didn’t seem to take interest into the questions, sending short and snappy answers towards the user. The moderator could have added more details into how to get the item codes from wiki, how to use paypal, or the options with reporting.


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