CPPS.me: Room Updates, Twitter Contests + More!

Hello Everybody,

Jennifer here with a few new updates from CPPS.me! This big and amazing server has decided to prepare the rooms for Halloween. As we all know, Halloween is not far away, so they’ve updated a few things with CPPS.me. I’ll be showing you the rooms and what they’ve done to them. Let’s take a look around, first starting with the Ski Hill —

Spooky! They’ve certainly already prepared early, haven’t they?! I like that. Now, let’s keep hunting for Halloween-infected rooms, it’s quite fun to do —

The Lighthouse! Looking funky, and the movie playing is definitely entertaining, that’s for sure! Let’s keep searching, I’m actually having fun looking around —

In my opinion, the Beacon is looking the best so far out of them all. Look at how amazing it looks! CPPS.me can’t get any better than this. Let’s take a peek at one last room. As for the rest of the rooms, I think you should come on the game and check them out yourself — being curious can be a great thing, plus, they’re all pretty rad! Let’s check out one last place, and here it is —

The Forest. Of course… an all-time favorite. Quite astonishing if you ask me! Great job with the rooms, CPPS.me! Don’t forget that that’s not all of them! —

Moving on, CPPS.me has moved their official Twitter. On top of this, they are now going to do nameglow and bubblecolor contests more often. They’re going to make it so simple for us at this point in time! CPPS.me has declared they will be doing contests via Twitter here and there for free glows. All you really have to do is like, retweet the contest tweet, and follow their Twitter (that’s whenever they’re hosting a contest that is)! They had one not too long ago for bubblecolor, and it ended up well. Be sure to follow them on Twitter! Click here to go to it.

Last but not least, as you all know, for the past few weeks, CPPS.me has been having lag issues and such lately. The games are acting up for some odd reason, so I am letting you know that the lag seems to be fixed. The games will be fixed as soon as possible, so don’t worry! You will be able to play your Find Four and other games soon. Excited to play the game? Come on CPPS.me and enjoy the fun! You won’t regret it, and I can guarantee you that!

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