CPPS.me reaches 300,000 users

CPPS.me reaches 300,000, that’ right, you don’t believe it, it’s astronomical. The number of users are surely huge. No one has accomplished this honour, but someone could, in the future. I’d, also, like to give a few updates about CPPS.me. The first thing is about otman, he’s reached over 10,000 wins, and, yet, the others are far away, such as Sean, with 4,000 wins, and Snow, with 2,769. The best part about the leaderboard, is that, users who have nameglow, and namecolour get the namecolour, and nameglow, on the Find Four leaderboard. And, now, you can, also, get a Support Ticket for any trouble you are having.

They’ve, also, mentioned about Mitt Romney, and Barack Obama. Go on to CPPS.me to check that out.

CPPS.me can be down, because the staff are developing all the servers for us, all. That’s all, I guess.


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