CPPS.me new igloos?

Hey everyone!

Today I was recently visiting CPPS.me, and noticed they finally added a new feature that everyone has been anticipating the arrival of…

CPPS.me now allows up-to-date igloos!

Now of course, a new feature will have tons of glitches at first. For some users, these may not load. For others, they may not add. And, of course, they might have a weird “W” inside of it.w

Now many users were happy about the new igloos, I asked 3 random, diverse users about the new addition and they all had happy, 5 star reviews!

Q; How do you feel about the new igloo addition?
User 1: “I love the new igloos, I haven’t gotten to try them yet, but from what I’ve seen they’re amazing! I just hear they have a few minor glitches.”

Q; Do you think this glitch is major?
User 2: “No, I think it’s just something that happens with all new updates.”

Q; Do you want any other updates?
User 3: “The new furniture would fit in just fine!”

Some of the new igloo’s that have been added are:

  • The stage igloo
  • All puffle tree houses
  • Talent show igloo
  • Spring palace (From frozen)
  • A bus igloo
  • All ice palaces
  • Sharks gym
  • Schoolhouse
  • Ghost igloo’s
  • All Starwar’s igloos
  • Space dome
  • An airplane
  • Gym igloo
  • Magical hideout
  • VIP and a normal penthouse
  • And a beach party igloo

But personally, my favorite is the talent show:


Until next time,




    • Hey Anya,

      You can grab these igloo codes by going on Google and searching the igloo you want. When you’re searching for the new igloo you’d like, be sure to look for the ID. Once you’ve found the ID, say !igloo (ID) and your igloo will change to the theme you want it to.



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