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Hello everyone!

Today, I was just waddling around in CPPS.me and a big idea came into my head which was to interview a moderator! The famous moderator ”Route” was already online. So, Route was the lucky penguin to be selected for my interview!

1. How long have you been playing CPPS.me?
I’ve been playing CPPS.me since 2011.

2. What is your favorite feature on CPPS.me?
Outfit Saver!

  1.   What do you dislike about CPPS.me?
    Different age groups.

4. What improvements would you like to see from CPPS.me in the future?
I would like them to add an igloo saver, but other then that it’s great!

  1.   How hard is it to moderate CPPS.me out of /10?
    Sometimes it can be fun, sometimes it can be hard, but I would give it a 9/10.

  2.   Does CPPS.me have more features coming? If so, what kind?
    We have igloo saver coming and many more features on the way!

  3.   Do you play any other CPPS’, besides CPPS.me?

  4.   With CPPS.me’s ticket support. How good are you guys with responding back to them?
    I think CPPS.me does a great job with ticket support! Considering how many tickets we get each day. We still try to answer them as fast as we can!

  5.   Out of /10, what would you rate CPPS.me?
    10/10 for sure!


Thanks Route! For this Interview without you it couldn’t of been possible! Also, thank you for being truely honest with your answers!

Leth the Exiled


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