CPPS.me Construction and History.

CPPS.me, one of the most popular/famous CPPSes in the Galaxy/World, (Less people visit it, now) has gone under construction, which is a pity. It’s almost, I don’t know, 8 months old. It’s stabled, but down. I have been told that CPPS.me will be different to other CPPSes. The word ‘perfect’ has gave me a clue on what it is going to be like. It’s probably going to be customed, and maybe, some more events, as they only had one event, which is the 100,000 users party. Also, it’s quite cool that they have Multiplayer Games, such as Find-four, and their own Find-Four Leaderboard, with Top 30 Find-Four players. Such as Snowy, Hawis, etc. And as you might have known, they have their own development blog, they had quite a lot of blogs, which is abusing, but they know that. Their are many notes on the CPPS website, and they do not have a timeline on when it could be back up, again. It also has quite a lot of players, either their is something wrong with the database of users, or their is 100,000 users, which is a lot. No one has ever seen this kind of CPPS. More people are joining as the server is still developing, which is strange, and people are very patient for CPPSes, sometimes. I am also very excited on the (New) CPPS.me, :). Remember: (Keep visiting the site for more posts.) Why?: (because, we have a lots of posts everyday that you might/want to read. Thank you very much,

~APingualex10 (Known as Alex, also.)


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