CPPS.me: BotMan

Hey there, Penguins! I’m here to tell you all about BotMan, basically his features, where he is located at and all that good stuff! ūüôā

Online: Yes

Server: B00mx0r’s server

Located: Ski Lodge

Hobby: Find Four

Coder: HookBot

BotMan is a great feature added into the CPPS.me and everyone doesn’t seem to appreciate him anymore. It might be because he is so old and there is better bots… But Botman is history to me. I LOVE Find Four! Botman can add people, follow, and go to your snowball wherever you throw it at, as well as even play FindFour! He even sends notecards and talks. He also copy emotes. If you want him to stop following you just say, Botman stop.


Botman Follow (As stated above say “Botman stop” to have him stop following you)

Botman Play (This will trigger him to join your Find Four game he usually joins people who waited longer)

Comment down below ideas for commands that¬†Botman can do more of, I have a couple suggestions for Botman such as “Botman go to (roomname)” and he will go there. As well as more game bots for Sled Racing and Mancala.

That’s all today, Penguins! Til’ then – Dallas


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