CPPS.IO Upcoming updates! A small preview.

Hello! Some of you may have noticed that when you go to CPPS.IO  it says “This website is currently under going maintenance. We will be back online shortly. Please check back later !” And I am excited to let you all know that this means there will be new CPPS.IO updates!


The updates will be coming this Saturday around 7:30 AM PST not much can be shared yet but keep checking back to this post as it’ll be updated when the updates are released, for now let’s get into the small preview that has been shared exclusively for Speedycppshq


One of the things that will be updated will be the theme of the main website, it looks a lot fresher than the old one and will definitely add to the aesthetic experience:

Website preview


What I have also been allowed to share is a preview of the Command Center which has also been updated:

Game preview


There’ll be a lot of new things to check out so make sure you come and see! I asked for Shaun to give an exclusive statement for Speedy:


For CPPS.io, I wanted to give it a whole new look + Graphwize+  a few updates a long with it. I have upgraded the layout of the website design, along with how the homepage now looks. The Command Center will have a big update + new features will be added in and more to come in the future. Also, I have fixed a few minor bugs/glitches. With all these changes, it gives CPPS.io a fresh start.


Keep coming back to Speedy as this post will be updated when the updates are officially released to include all the updates!


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