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As some of you may know, the CPPS ComplusCP went down for “changes” a few days back.

Hello, users & staff. We would just like to notify you that ComplusCP will be going under some big changes and improvements. 

We will be back soon within the next few days! Thanks for sticking with us! If you’re bored, there’s a xat chat box below to chat in!

-ComplusCP Team~ From Compluscp.com

The team for Complus ultimately decided on making a new CPPS, but kept the old database for the users sake, ComplusCP will be coming back but under CPPS.IO, with more features and much more to come, their release date is set for next Sunday on the 1st of May and if you liked Complus then I’m certain you’ll like CPPS.IO, I am very excited for it’s release and personally can’t wait.

Again, if you had account on ComplusCP before, it’ll still be there, all V.I.P’s on Complus will also be V.I.P on CPPS.IO.

The features haven’t been shown yet but try to have fun guessing!

Coming Sunday the 1st of May.

The register is open if you’d like to register 🙂

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(Make sure to follow the CPPS.io official Twitter account for updates!)

If you have any other concerns then you can contact them at their email:

[email protected]

As for now, they will be looking for staff, not much else is known about that yet though, more information is to come.



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