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Every CPPS has their own individual way of presenting different things. For example, CPPS.me has its simplistic penguin manager. Today we’ll be talking about CPPS.io‘s distinctive cPanel.

Here’s a look at their very unique panel.

As you can see, you can change your penguin’s color and mood status all from the same panel. In addition, you can clone another player, pick saved outfits, and purchase V.I.P. all in the same place. Compared to other CPPSes where you have to type in commands to do these same tasks, this is much more organized way to do it. From this panel you can also click manage which will take you to their account manager page, which we talked about in another post.

In this same cPanel, you can access CPPS.io’s V.I.P. features.

If you look at the far right, you can see that you are able to purchase V.I.P. for $3.00. But currently the V.I.P. feature is on sale for a cheap price of $0.99! From this page you can access the name glow, name color, bubble color, and bubble text features. Besides that you can actually change your nickname from this page. On top of that, you can toggle whether you want to walk on walls, if you want your name glow/name color showing, if you want your bubble color/bubble text to show, how fast you walk, and if you want to moon walk or not. This is a very simplistic way of showing you your V.I.P. features, which I very much enjoy.

I hope you guys hop on to CPPS.io to come check out their cPanel! I’ll expect to see you there soon.

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