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Hey everyone, happy holidays!

The island has been shrouded in darkness for the past two weeks due to the Lost Solar Day party but finally things are finally clearing up. It’s now time for Christmas and the Party that shall entail! – (and a few other things! 🙂 )

Some of you may remember the 2009 ClubPenguin Christmas party, and as is largely based around the 2009 era of ClubPenguin and this is’s first Christmas I’m sure you can connect the dots! Ready to relive the 09 Xmas party? It’ll be here from the 16th of December to the 30th of December!

Along with the Christmas party the V.I.P rank which provides users with various perks on the CPPS has been discounted from $3.00 down to $0.99 and if you can’t purchase V.I.P Don’t worry because there will also be various contests in which you’ll be able to win V.I.P throughout the rest of this month!

As for some more noteworthy information the friends list has now been extended so you can reach 1000 friends! A minor update, however, I’m sure many users will find it useful! And as 2017 is slowly creeping in the friends list update is only a sign of whats to come! I’ve been told users can also lookout for new commands and features that will be arriving sometime soon, the exact date isn’t known but you can definitely look forward to them!

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