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CPPS.io’s final version released today. There are some new features that are super awesome! They have a custom background that shows a staff’s face. The backgrounds are original and great for the final release today. They also made a custom pin for the users that has one of the staff’s face on it.
New orginial custom backrounds

CPPS.io has also created a custom town for the release today! They’ve added stereos, fireworks in the background of the town, dance floors, and much more! They also made V.I.P 50 cents for a limited time! VIP gets you many features such as nameglow, bubble color, the ability to give yourself a nickname, and more! I think the town they’ve made is really creative and different from other CPPS release parties!

Here’s a picture of the town —


The music in the town is also super amazing! What are you waiting for? Join CPPS.io today! You won’t be disappointed, as it is certainly a really cool server!

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