A Look Inside Project ‘CPPS.io V2’

Hey penguins, we have some very exciting news for you today! It was a long anticipated wait, and finally Project ‘CPPS.io v2’ has been publicly released! There were a good amount of users there for the release, and were all very impressed with what they saw. Luckily, I got a hold of Shaun, one of their administrators. He answered my questions about the project and filled me in, explaining what he planned to do, has already done, and wants to happen.

I first asked Shaun what his motive behind working on an all new project. He then explains that with a new project, there is a lot more room for improvement and a lot more space to directly focus on improving as a whole, rather than juggling all of the other necessities of his other game along with improving. The idea of this project also was for the users to be in a more enjoyable environment, and have a lot better of an experience with what’s to come, as this project is now being treated as a test server.

I then asked Shaun what he had in store for the users. He very simply responds that he has a lot in store, and plans to gradually release new features as time goes by, and hopes that the users are going to enjoy them! I then found a user on the server who I got to ask a few questions about this. He said that he was very excited for what’s to come, felt that the project would be a success, and a feature he’d really like to see implemented was penguin size, with another user seconding these thoughts.

After, I asked Shaun about the server’s current features, and what he’s done so far. Shaun tells me to view the cPanel in the top corner of the screen, and I click it. In the panel, there are many commands and settings that the user playing could customize, the design of the cPanel very nicely laid out and well organized as well. There were two types of feature listings, ‘Features’ and ‘V.I.P. Features’. Although, all users who register for the project automatically can use the V.I.P. features, meaning all features in the panel are accessible by users!



Shaun then told me that this project was also going to be very user friendly, as the users were given a lot to play with, and a lot to do on the server overall. A few rather fun commands that users normally wouldn’t be able to use that they can here, completely free are !nick (changes the user’s nickname to whatever they had typed and !ng, and !nc, which customize a user’s name-color and name-glow using hex codes).

Finally, I asked Shaun how he felt this project would do, and what he thought would come out of it. He responded saying that he feels that this project would turn out to be very successful, and would be very pleasing to see. He made it seem like he is, and will be putting a lot of work into this project! The game is looking very good as of now, and I hope to see some of you there playing! Big thank you to Shaun for taking some time out of his day to let me interview him!



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