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Hey everyone!

Today, I make them bring good news about CPPS.io. As should be obvious from the title, they are hosting another party that is coming in the following few days. Three days prior, Shaun, the proprietor of CPPS.io, announced on their primary site that they were hosting a get-together. Here is what it said.

Hello everyone! I know it’s been a while since the last post but I am writing this post to announce something big that’s coming to CPPS.io.

There is going to be a big party on November 30th and we want everyone to come, you also may have a chance at winning VIP! This party will be not just any old Club Penguin party, but it is a custom made party brought to you by the developers of CPPS.io.

We are working hard on it and can’t wait to put it on for everyone! More information about the party will be in an upcoming post. Until now, be sure to tell your friends and everyone else you know!


Source: CPPS.io

As you can see, it’s a custom party that is right now being made by the developers, and they are putting forth free VIP. I needed to see what was going on, so today I conversed with Shaun about the party and he gave me a couple insights. Let’s get onto the sneak peeks.


This is one of the sneak peeks that Shaun allowed me to share with you all today. I am quite impressed and I love the party design. Let’s move on to the next one.


This is a small sneak peek of the town. As you can see, there is a moon in both sneak peeks. It looks like the theme of this party is Night. On November 30th, we’ll see the whole party design and you can comment below or comment on the post that Shaun made on the CPPS.io main website of how you liked the party.

Unfortunately, that’s all the info I got from Shaun. I hope to see you all at the party, it should be packed! More info to come on the CPPS.io website.

Thank you for reading my post and I hope you all enjoy the rest of your night.

P.S: Invite your friends if they don’t know about the special upcoming party!


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