CPPS.io: “Lost Solar Day” Custom Party


Hey, everyone!

I’m super excited because today the CPPS.io party dubbed Lost Solar Day is finally here. Designed by Designer Graphwize and Owner of CPPS.io Shaun, Lost Solar Day is a custom party, or is it a party? According to the CPPS.io website:

According to a few rumors going around on CPPS.io I’ve heard there is going to be something big happening on the 30th of November.

Something about the sun dying out and the land becoming dark. Some how, some strange force is going to burn the sun out and the whole island will be nothing but darkness.

Little do I not know much about it, I hope it’s nothing too bad. Resources say it is said to be called a Lost Solar Day. But has that ever happened here on CPPS.io in the past? No, I do not think it ever has and this may be the first, or last! We might as well be prepared for this and see what happens…

Source: Cpps.io

Well then, whatever it is, it’s here! So, what does this custom party entail? For starters, every single outside room is decorated, that includes igloos and custom music too! There are also two custom backgrounds available exclusive to the event, hurry and get them before time runs out. They’re located in the Town.


I won’t show you both the backgrounds, I don’t want to ruin the surprise. However, here is my favorite out of the two. Now since this is a custom party I’ve only taken a few screenshots to feature here, that way you will be able to explore the party 😀


Here we have the Ski Mountain, arguably the best room in the party. You may have noticed I said that every single outside room was decorated but what about inside rooms? Well, two inside rooms were let into the party, the first being the Nightclub.


As for the second room, you’ll have to find that for yourself, as a clue, the room is very cozy 😉

There’s one more room I’ll feature in this post, and it’s very strange, there’s a weird phenomenon occurring at the Ice Berg and penguins have reported: stomach aches, not being able to move and various other strange developments….


What do you guys think of the party? I’ve intentionally left a lot for you guys to explore because this is a really cool party. Comment below what you think of the party!

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