CPPS.io: Hiring moderators, Updates and Upcoming one year Anniversary party.

Hey everyone,

A post was published on CPPS.IO’s website with a list of what’s changed recently and near-future plans. It’s been a while since the last set of updates and I’ve been told that .IO users can expect big improvements this year!

Starting off, the most obvious change upon visiting CPPS.io is the new website layout and use of HTTPS, meaning a more secure connection between you and the CPPS!

CPPS.io has undergone a number of thematic updates in the past and the newest layout was designed in tandem by CPPS.io admins Graphwize and Vanderslice, the theme has taken over the whole site with only a few exceptions here and there. And as mentioned in the title CPPS.io are hiring new moderators, interested in applying? Then head to CPPS.io’s apply page but hurry as applications may not last long!

In the very near future CPPS.io will be undergoing a lot more updates and changes, as for now the confirmed updates that are on the way are:

  • The one-year Anniversary party!! This will be HUGE. ETA: Sometime in February.
  • The long awaited special V.I.P And Staff only room.
  • More commands to enhance your experience!
  • the in-game cPanel will be receiving updates with more features and a fresh design.
  • An updated official trailer for CPPS.io

Last but not least, new users on CPPS.io are now required to sign-up with an email, current users will soon be promoted in-game to add an email to their account. This is for security purposes and will be used in assisting users with their accounts if needed.

That’s all for now, make sure to keep checking back as more details about the CPPS.io one year anniversary party will be posted later this month!






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