CPPS.IO Has officially launched!

CPPS.io Has officially opened!


Hello! As you may know, a post was made about the upcoming CPPS.io server, the successor of ComplusCP!

It has now opened it’s doors and you should definitely come and check it out!

A lot has been improved on and there is still more to come in the future, I for one am looking forward to see this CPPS progress as it’s a personal favorite of mine, but that’s just my opinion on it! Come check it out and see for yourself, maybe it’ll be your favorite too!

CPPS.IO Is a 2009 CPPS just like ComplusCP, while it has custom features it will still give you nostalgic feelings if you enjoyed the older form of CP.

Now on to the new features!

  • A newly released Command Center

  • Users with V.I.P can use !CC To change their nameglow, and even regular users can save and load a default outfit, you also have the option to turn Nameglow off and on.
  • !saveoutfit – !saveoutfit5 For regular users, saves your curent outfit for you to load it with the corresponding !loadoutfit
  • !saveoutfit6 – !saveoutfit10 Additional outfit slots for V.I.P

I have also been also told that a special item will be released to celebrate the launch, not sure when this is though, so keep your eye out!


Also make sure you have a look at their commands page for more information! More is to come in the future 🙂

Come check it out! Now open.



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