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Hey everyone!

Today, I have some very exciting news for the users of CPPS.io! So yesterday, it was Shaun’s birthday, and for his birthday he is giving an offer to the users! Let’s hear what the offer is –

Hello, everyone!

Tomorrow is my birthday so I wanted to do something for all you users that we haven’t done before. If you can’t already tell by the title.. We are going to temporarily give V.I.P. to everyone starting tomorrow (Sept. 12) BUT only until Friday, September 16. Once it ends, everyone who didn’t have V.I.P. originally (or purchased V.I.P.) will be restored to a normal user.

Basically, this is like a V.I.P. trial for those that haven’t purchased V.I.P.. Also remember, it will be ending on Friday, September 16. So be sure to try out V.I.P. before this offer ends!


Isn’t that exciting? That was nice of Shaun to give the users the experience of having V.I.P. and knowing what it is like!! Personally, I would like to wish Shaun a happy birthday and I wish him luck.

Hurry up and go on CPPS.io to experience the fun! Don’t miss the chance, it will probably never be back.

Since we are talking about CPPS.io, is there anything else new you may ask? Yes, there is!! They have announced their new Moderators.

Hello everyone,

I am finally announcing our newest Moderators. These Moderators have been on a trial moderation process and have now been decided to have full Moderator. Congratulations!

The newest Moderators on our team are:

  • Goofytoot

  • Jonas

  • Chrys

If you see them around the island, please give them a nice welcome to the team!

I would like to congratulate these amazing users becoming Moderators! You should too. I’ve seen them working hard and helping users everyday on CPPS.io! Good job!

Well, that’s it for now and have a great day! Click here to visit CPPS.io.



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