CPPS.io Closing V2?

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I am happy to announce that CPPS.io is finally shutting down CPPS.io V2. Project v2 will be coming to an end on Saturday, August 20th, 2016. But why would we be happy, over another great CPPS shutting down? The final version of CPPS.io will be released soon after V2 ends! The creators of .io have been working on their server for a long time, so we know they will do great!

Here are a few questions I asked a staff member who goes by the name of Jared.

  1. Hello, Jared! Can you tell us what new updates are coming to the final version on CPPS.io? 
    “Well, we will be doing a sale for VIP, for only $0.50. We will have custom music and a handful of custom rooms for the release. All users who tested v2 will recieve an exclusive background, and we may also be adding a new custom hoodie to the game as well.”
  2. Any updates you’re looking forward to?
    “Once we get some new features added around the beginning of September, like size and maybe playercard music there’s not a whole lot going on. I’m looking forward to the new custom hoodie that may or may not be added.”

We aren’t sure what all the updates are yet, but we know one thing for certain. They’re going to be truly amazing!

A user saying goodbye to V2 and hello to beta CPPS.io!

If more information is obtained about V2 closing and CPPS.io’s final version releasing, it will be added to this post.

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