CPO’s Puffle Party take-off into spring!


Hello. Let’s keep this short and simple for an easy read on the weekend. 

For a good start into the spring, the Puffle Party has arrived at Club Penguin Online. With their constant hit of 50,000 users registering every month since the beginning of this year, the party has brought everyone together. Users have been counting down for this arrival and were eager to see what CPO would bring to the table- and they’ve done just that.The party lasts until April 5th and folks, this isn’t your ordinary Puffle Party…for the first time, CPO has brought a new custom puffle to its name!

If you didn’t know, everyone is a member in CPO – Which means everyone can purchase the new custom “Silver” puffle with coins. Or you can even turn into it…



Come online every day for a week—and get some new items. (Adorable items!)

What the users say 

(Vale): What’s your favorite thing about the puffle party?

(User: Martha08): “I love the cove, it’s so adorable and I like the interaction of the slides but the dock is also a favorite of mine.”

(Vale): What do you think of the custom puffle?

(User: SpaceBean): “To be honest, I like it a lot, but I still prefer the wild puffles, like the deer and the raccoon.”

(Vale): What’s your favorite room in the Puffle Party?

(User: M3LTDOWN) “My favorite room is the Cove.”


Some of the items in the updated catalog include some Puffle friendly-fits!


On the first day of the party’s release, Puffle Handler, known as PH, joined the server for some fun. Users were so excited to meet this one, the servers were full 30 minutes prior to her arrival. It was so packed, a couple hours later CPO decided Rockhopper should join PH for another visit and went on all servers for 5-10 minutes. CPO is telling users to expect more mascot visits throughout the party. (I suggest meeting PH like I did, that is if you can get through the crowd!)

This is how packed it was

The party honesty looks awesome, almost every room on the map is decorated from Club Penguin’s Puffle Party in 2014. Both the new and old client is decorated. (Hurrah!) Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered:

Train your puffle at the stadium!

Take a trip to the waterpark at the cove!

 Even visit the zoo! (Love love love this!)

Well that’s all I have for you today folks. CPO has what the users want, and it sure is growing!

Make sure to visit their “What’s New” page to find out more, and join their discord to receive notifications on upcoming events.

Ta Ta for now!

Link: Clubpenguinonline.com

Discord: discord.gg/abyK4g

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