CPMVPS – CPMV Private Server.

Hello! Introducing CPMVPS!

CPMVPS is a private server created mainly for CPMV purposes, they use older CP swf’s as they want a nostalgic feel, here you can record all of your CPMV’s.

If you like to edit, record or make CPMV’s then you should definitely check this server out! They’ve been around for a while now but they’re a pretty small CPPS and haven’t really gained any coverage.

They don’t have heaps of features like most CPPS’s as the owners don’t believe in the luxuries modern CPPS’s have, however, they still have basic commands:

  1. !AI
  2. !PIN
  3. !AC
  4. !AF
  5. !JR
  6. !UM
  7. !UI

You automatically have all items added to your account which is pretty cool, they also have greenscreen rooms !JR 851 – 855

The have a complete features list here.

It’s definitely cool that they’re giving CPMV makers a place to record their videos, please however respect that the owner intends this server for CPMV or Club Penguin content creators so if you intend to use this solely for social purposes please reconsider and find a different CPPS on our CPPS List as we have a large variety to choose from! 🙂

If you’re a content creator yourself be sure to check CPMVPS out, this CPPS will definitely come in useful for you!

They have no homepage but you can access it here:



Again, this is intended for content creators and making videos, please keep this in mind!


~<3 Squirrel 🙂





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