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Puffles are everywhere and the party starts now. CPG’s Puffle Party is on now and Owner Henry welcomes you and your Puffle to enjoy the fun. CPG is an AS2 server with a very attentive staff eager to help and answer all your needs. Keeping this site close to the Club Penguin Look is what this server hopes to accomplish. No hidden membership costs or paying for unneeded stuff because it’s free to all. Expect this server to have Anniversary and Old School parties. Beta period has ended so anyone can join and experience a new world.

The login page welcomes you and shows off these fascinating Puffle creatures.

The Dock is shown above and proves to be very a very inviting playground for your Puffle. Relaxing by the dock and enjoying the view made me a very happy penguin.

A Ball Pit is featured in the forest for that energetic Puffle. Blue Puffles adorn the sides with bright smiles on their faces.

The ball pit made my penguin so exhausted so I picked the perfect place to enjoy the nice calm sounds of waves and a warm bonfire. Little did I know Yarr, Rockhopper’s Puffle was spying on me.

This proves to everyone that Puffles sure know how to dance and they can definitely get down and show off moves. The Dance Club is filled with purple puffles wanting to dance with you. Also, you might find a mascot if you get lucky.

Above in this screenshot, you see the pool has been completely drained and a skatepark has taken it’s place. Black Puffles are showing off skating abilities and this reminds me of the X Games. If you like skating you will love this room. As of right now a support page is in the process and new development is being worked on but overall the site seems to be a promising server. CPG has Twitter where you can contact them or ask any questions regarding this game. The Twitter is @CPGenOfficial

Well, it’s been fun and until we meet again.


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