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Post: CPEmulator (The Predecessor of CPPS.me)

John and Stanley (The creators of CPE – Club Penguin Emulator) Have created the new CPPS.me Second Edition (v2). It was realised a week ago, and is still being worked on. If you find any bugs, be sure to report to John and Stanley. The server is unique and new, (unlike any other CPPS). You can talk and play some games. John and Stanley are working on all the MultiPlayer games to come. Fact: No other CPPS had MultiPlayers. This CPPS shall remind us of all ICP versions. This server will be ‘rubbish’ to start off, WHICH IS GOOD, because things do have to go bad for the first start. But, it will improve as I write this post. Plus, here is what John had said about CPE:

CPEmulator is the predecessor of CPPS.me, which was and still is the greatest CPPS. Some of our features are the new AS3 interface, Find Four, Mancala, Igloos, Puffles, and Sled Racing are still being worked on. We also support a few single player games, and plan to add in more in the future.

The commands are simple, instead of ‘!ai’, the server much prefers ‘/ai’.

/AI will add an item into inventory.

/PIN adds a little logo on the left screen of your player card.

/AC 5000 adds that kind amount of coins to the player.

/ID CPPS.me the Bot will tell the user’s ID or value.

/Ping the bot says ‘pong’.

/UP RH adds the look of Rockhopper to the appearance and inventory.

My opinion is that this server will get better everyday, but right now, it’s not the best of all CPPSes — unfortunately.

The friends list will not load quickly, or at all — 🙁

The loader: The loader will take a few minutes to get on, maybe even more.

Anyway, John and Stanley have tried their best to actually make this happen. If you help John and Stanley make CPEmulator popular, then you really done something new to the CPPS history.

John and Stanley are people who enjoy to create CPPSes and love challenges. Some people were not co-operative, but it didn’t let them down. John and Stanley must have been quick. The owners say that CPEmulator is new, and that is true. Anyway, here is the quote from D0pe, John, Stanley or whoever said this post:


We are currently in testing. Server stability is not guaranteed, and they will often go down during this stage.

CPEmulator is a Club Penguin Private Server (CPPS) created by a few people who enjoy a challenge.

Some other groups of people were not co-operative, but that did not get us down. It took us 3 days to break what has been something which has baffled people for 3 years.

This is the first new addition to the CPPS community in years.
We will be working on new features as the game develops. This is currently early beta (testing, but open to the public). Let us know if you find any bugs. stay tuned, and hang tight.

It’s going to be a hell of a ride.
We hope you will enjoy CPEmulator just as much as we’ll enjoy administrating it.
Have fun!

Well, that’s all from me. Please come back for more posts about CPEmulator, and other CPPSes, but mostly, you should hear about CPEmulator. Once again, the owners of the CPPS are John and Stanley.

My name is APingualex10, and bye, bye.

cpemulator – register – play (Sorry, I forgot to post the links, as always.)


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