CovePenguin – Rebrand

SharkPenguin, formerly known as CovePenguin has made a comeback into the CPPS community.

SharkPenguin currently has a lot of features to offer, like player card hue, glows, alpha and much more which will be included with this post. SharkPenguin has a manager where you can manage your account in-game, which is the key feature of this server.

Player card changer function
With the player card editor, located inside of the manager, anyone can edit their player card. Player card editor includes hue color, saturation, brightness and contrast.


Playercard hue is seen on many servers today and was first seen on Oasis. The hue codes on SharkPenguin range from 0-180. 180 being dark orange and zero being a regular blue playercard.

Penguin function of the manager
This CPPS features free nameglow and bubble color, which can be changed under penguin. SharkPenguin gives you the nameglow colors to select from so you won’t have to go through the hassle of trying to find color codes. Yes, this goes for nameglow, name color, bubble color and bubble text, mood glow and mood color. With this, you can also change your title color for your penguin. You can also change how your penguin rotates, how it walks on walls, and even how your penguin walks (speed). Here’s an example of the second page of the penguin function.


Looks pretty awesome, am I right?


SharkPenguin looks pretty awesome, and we here at SpeedyCPPSHQ suggest you try it out.

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