Contest #1

Hey guys,

We hope you’re already enjoying Speedy CPPSHQ’s return!

As Speedy CPPSHQ is your home of CPPS news, updates, events & contests, it’s only fitting to launch our first official contest. We’ve thought long and hard, and came to the decision for CONTEST 1 which is a…

We’re getting right into the Halloween spirit, and we want this contest to reflect on your creativity skills. We want you to design an appropriate ‘Halloween’ themed igloo, on any CPPS you choose, that’s right, you can design your igloo on ANY CPPS that has working igloos.

Once you have created your masterpiece, we require a screenshot, of it. To take a screenshot, you can use Lightshot, or any other screen capturing software to capture and upload your picture to a link.


Our prizes will be VIP feature codes that you can then redeem, or transfer to a friend on Oasis. The prizes as follows:

FIRST PRIZE: Bubble Color & Name Glow + VIP feature of your choosing on Oasis

SECOND PRIZE: Name Glow + VIP feature of your choosing on Oasis

THIRD PRIZE: Name Glow on Oasis

If there is a tie between any of the above, we will award both individuals with the prize coinciding with the rank listed above.


The deadline for this contest is Monday 2nd November, 8PM PST. Late entries will not be accepted. This will allow you to have a sufficient amount of time to produce an igloo design.


  1. Only ONE entry is permitted per person.
  2. The igloo needs to resemble a ‘Halloween’ theme.
  3. Winner(s) need to own a Oasis account.
  4. If codes wished to be gifted to another user, enter(ee) needs to state username of the penguin on wanting codes transferred to. If unsure at current time period, it will need to be alerted 24 hours after winners announcement.
  5. Replicating other igloo designs of contest enter(ees) are prohibited. If caught, automatically disqualified.
  6. Screenshot needs to feature entire igloo, not just one section. Full-screen screenshot(recommended).
  7. Penguin name/Penguin name receiving codes if won & screenshot must be featured in a comment, posted below this post. Also, when filling out the comment form on the bottom of this page, try to use an email address on which we can contact you, to help us notify you sooner. Although, this is not mandatory.
  8. Competition closes Monday 2nd November, 8PM PST. Late entries will not be accepted.
  9. Igloo can be designed on any CPPS with working igloos.
  10. Winners will be announced after Monday 2nd November, 8PM PST on https://speedycppshq.wordpress.com in blog post.
  11. Competition valid only for prizes on Oasis.
  12. Competition winners will be transferred the VIP features in code format, and will need to be redeemed on the winning accounts here: https://account.oasis.ps/my-codes
  13. If winning codes are not redeemed within a week of the competition, a new winner will be selected to claim the prize.
  14. The competition is not affiliated with Administration of Oasis, but are run by Michael & Chris who are staff members on Oasis. The codes purchased are purchased using individual credits and are not given for no cost as promotional use. For more information about this contest, please contact: [email protected] or [email protected].
  15. Winners usernames will also be tweeted out on our official Twitter account @MiraiNews.

We hope you have fun taking part in this contest, good luck & Happy Halloween!




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