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Hey all! ComplusCP is getting closer and closer to coming out of beta, there’s been a good amount of updates since the introduction post for Complus + they’re having a Halloween themed igloo contest to win V.I.P!

Anyway, starting off with the updates:

Shaun, the owner has been working hard to squash exploits and bugs and with that Complus has also introduced some new features to the server!

  • V.I.P users now have the !nick command which lets them change their nickname temporarily!

  • !clone has been added in for everyone.

  • A pm system has been added in.

  • Users can now check their ID with !id

  • Test your connection with !ping

  • !vip and !apply for users interested in buying V.I.P or applying for moderator.

  • An official trailer was made, check it out here.

  • Also, it’s been decided there will be no room bot, cool right?

And now for information on the V.I.P contest!

As I mentioned earlier, Complus is having a Halloween themed igloo contest to win V.I.P which is normally $3.

Here is some text taken from the Complus website which is about the contest:

We are also hosting a Halloween igloo contest! We will select the top 3 people with the scariest or most unique Halloween themed igloo to win FREE V.I.P.! That’s right! A chance to receive a nameglow/namecolor & all other perks included with V.I.P.! Here’s how to enter:

You may enter the contest at the following link by clicking HERE!

What you will need to do is: fill in your penguin name, any comments you may want us to know about your igloo, and agree to rules then click on the “Submit My Igloo!” button.


  1. You may only enter once!
  2. Do not change your igloo after you have entered.
  3. Your igloo must be Halloween themed only!
  4. If you already have V.I.P. you can enter for fun!
  5. Be creative and have fun!

The contest will end Tuesday, March 8th!

Good luck to everyone that enters this contest!

To explain what would be won, V.I.P is a donator rank on Complus that gives you various perks on the server.

Taken from the V.I.P Page it gives you:

  • Nameglow.
  • Namecolor.
  • Custom Items.(Not out yet)
  • Access to the VIP and Staff Lounge Secret Room. (Not out yet)
  • Nickname Changer
  • Playercard Designer (Not out yet).
  • Connection to servers using our paid-dedicated servers.
  • Higher chance of receiving staff.

Here’s a screenshot taken from the front page introducing the Halloween party 2009 party they’re having which inspired the contest:

Anyway, that’s all for now, for anyone looking to join ComplusCP it’s based on bring back 2009 an older CPPS.

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~Squirrel 🙂


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