ComplusCP Music Jam

It looks like ComplusCP is having a party! It’s the 2009 Music jam! Normally parties on ComplusCP go for about a week so you’ll have plenty of time to come check it out, here’s the post from their front page:


The Music Jam Is Here!

Hey everyone! To start this week off on Complus, we have brought back the Music Jam party of 2009. We hope everyone enjoys this party! As to some of you, it might bring back memories of the original Music Jam on Club Penguin in 2009. So have a good time and enjoy the musical events!

Also, don’t forget that you can get an All Access Pass from the Shirts Rock stand at the Snow Forts to get into the backstage at the Dock!

You can also receive some Green Headphones at the Cove!

And one last thing, don’t forget to pick up the Boombox from the Nightclub Rooftop! You must have the All Access Pass to get into the rooftop.

Hope everyone has a good time at the Music Jam!!

-Shaun (ComplusCP Administration)

If you like this party then you should definitely come check it out!





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