ComplusCP Database leak update

After lots of hard work from Graphoner ComplusCP has been able to respond to the database leak and is now urging all users to change their passwords.


If you’re registered on ComplusCP I strongly advise changing your password using their account manager Here

ComplusCP has also issued an official statement on their homepage :

“IMPORTANT NOTICE: ComplusCP Security Notice

Hello everyone, as we have recently had some security issues, we need everyone to change their password on ComplusCP. Some of the users on ComplusCP are affected by this and you will need to change your password as soon as possible. Even for the users that aren’t affected, please still do so to change your password too as it is very important.

To change your password, login to the ComplusCP Account Manager. You can access the manager by clicking this link:http://compluscp.com/manager

Thank you.”

Also, if you use your password for Complus anywhere else please make sure you change it for your own safety.


The ComplusCP staff have tripled security measures and are 100% confident a security breach will not happen again.


If you have any further concerns or you would like to contact ComplusCP you can do so at this email:

[email protected]




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