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Hey everyone,

Today I’ll be showing you a few sneak peeks of yet another upcoming CPPS. This one is definitely an exclusive to me in my eyes, and it goes by the name uberPenguin. This CPPS is currently in private beta testing, but if you’re invited to beta test with us by one of your friends, you get to check out their special features! So, if you’re not in on this beta test, I’ll be showing you some of the current things you’re allowed to do in-game. Please be aware there are bugs that still need to be fixed, and that when uberPenguin becomes open beta in 2-3 weeks, you’ll see even more features added on to the CPPS. Myself or another staff member will definitely be making a release post on uberPenguin to inform you of the then-new features!

Let’s start this off with some of the best features I’ve seen so far. Like a few other CPPSes, there is playercard hue. However, the developers of this CPPS have made it very simple to use. I was absolutely in love with how sweet it was to handle at first. —

It’s VERY straightforward!

Now, let’s forge ahead to a second specialty. What I really like is the item hue. This is also painless when it comes to usage —


Next, let’s propel into one of my most admired elements. There is an in-game screenshot feature. Let me show you how it’s done —

Accessing + taking a picture.

Taking a screenshot is effortless. Once your screenshot is uploaded, you can either open or copy the link. These images automatically go on to Imgur, so that’s convenient! Now you can share any sort of pictures with your friends. Oh… did I mention you can also say links in-game and click on them without a hassle?

Hover over, and click.

Besides these features, you can also use an extremely beneficial goto. The find button on one’s playercard will offer to redirect you to the desired player. I’ll show you how it works, and the GIF will explain it all! —

Thanks Mya!

So, what’s next on the menu? For both nameglow and bubbleglow, you are given an easy option to change both. There is no need to include the two in here since they both have the same function, so I will provide you with how you can change your nameglow —

Changing my nameglow… made simple.

Oh, I’m not done yet! There are also super impressive in-game settings. What you can do with these settings so far is set your default room, change your dock, and your chat log. There were custom-made docks and chat logs that are automatically placed when logging in. If you dislike them, you can always change them to the normal ones. Let’s view how this works —

Viewing Game Settings!

uberPenguin has not failed to make me fall in love with it as a whole. I’m going to show you one last special feature, and explain the concept of it. You may have seen it in the settings menu from my previous GIFs. Maybe you even wondered about it, and what it does. Yup, that’s right, folks… presenting to you, uberShop! So, what is uberShop? uberShop is what it says it is. It’s an in-game store. You can buy custom items and such from here. Though there are only custom items as of right now, hopefully more will be thrown into the shop soon. On uberPenguin, there is no !ac command, because the coins are basically our credits. You must earn them by playing games. Once you’ve saved up enough, later on, you can go on to the uberShop and buy yourself a custom item or two. So, let’s view this amazing shop…

Here’s your sneak peek.

That’s your small view of the uberShop. Now you know several bits and pieces of what uberPenguin is like, and I’m sure you’re jumping with joy to play this CPPS! Hey, well, I’ll let you in on something. uberPenguin currently has a few beta spots open. You, yes, you have a chance to come play the game before it even releases to the public! How do you apply for beta? Oh, that’s simple. Just comment your application on this post! In order to beta test, it is required to have a Discord or Skype account. So, if you are going to apply for a beta spot, please include a Discord or Skype account that the uberPenguin staff can contact you by in your application. I will be sure to inform them of your comment if they have not yet seen it.

uberPenguin has officially set up their Twitter, so be sure to follow them! You can also look at their homepage for now. Though there is not much on it since you have to be logged in to see everything, you can visit their website on a daily basis to see if there are any changes! I hope you are as excited as I am for this incredible CPPS!

You can visit their homepage here. You can view their Twitter here. Be sure to follow them for updates!




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