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So, Today, I’ve been informed by a couple of users about this new Club Penguin Private Server called ClubPenguinisBack.. Well, Obviously by the name of the CPPS you may be thinking Club Penguin is coming back? There may be a few questions spreading around if I’m not wrong? Well, for sure this new ‘Club Penguin’ server is not run and will not be maintained by the original Club Penguin owner. This server is brand new with new administrators and a whole new staff! Obviously, it’s as similar as Club Penguin, normal users won’t have any commands and symbols such as ‘!’, ‘?’, ‘#’, etc, will be disabled according to one of the developers. This new private server is owned by Hunter, developed by George and 100. Let’s start with a quick interview, here with me is George, let’s start —

What made you decide to bring back Club Penguin?
“What made me decide to bring back Club Penguin is that its time was a golden age … People would never forget how they had fun in it and enjoyed playing it .. I was one of those players 6 years ago who enjoyed it too .. So i thought why not bring it back in a shape of a CPPS .. Bringing back mascots and custom monthly parties based on the old cp , games and more that relives the age of CP”.”

What will ClubPenguinisBack mainly focus on?
“ClubPenguinisBack will mainly focus on making sure the users get the experience they want and will surely focus on making sure users are having fun playing CPisBack … And from the features side it’ll focus on mascots , games and monthly parties to make sure users will relive the age of CP.”

What do you plan on doing in terms of security?
“We plan on putting strong DDOS protection , Anti Sql injections , Anti XSS and securing the database highly of course .. Although we recommend users not to use their same password as any other website or cpps.”

How many active users do you believe you’ll have after release?
“I believe we would have 100+ users after its actual release.”

Are there any special features that users will be given during the first hour of release?
“CPisBack will offer the very first users of it in the first day of release gifts as some gifts may contain items and some others may contain other surprises that the users will love … Also most of the mascots will be online in the first day of release for users to have fun during that day..”

Those were some solid answers given by George, A huge thank for taking the time off.


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  • They aren’t what they seem… they banned me from their Discord and their game just because the owner doesn’t like me. And I don’t even know him. They also cyberbully on their Discord and blame it on the person they’re bullying. So, yeah. Just wanted to put that out there.

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