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Club Penguin Zero has arrived! Another Pixel project, you may have read about Arctic previously and guess what? Arctic is also a Pixel project! Club Penguin Zero has recently been released to the public. Club Penguin Zero was created to reshape the community and bring in the fellow Club Penguin users. Club Penguin Zero is much like Club Penguin as it’s a remake. As you know, profanity is not allowed and there are no commands for users unfortunately. Club Penguin Zero is also username censored, so your account will have to be verified! But don’t worry, the Club Penguin Zero Developers daily check the accounts needed to be verified, if it’s been more than a day or don’t want to wait that long, then don’t be afraid to contact their staff team on discord. Let’s check out a quick quote said by Roan one of the Developers –

Missing club penguin rewritten, or even club penguin? We include many remade features of club penguin such as the verification system, profanity filters, stamps, single and multiplayer games working and the old website, puffles, igloos, updated parties every month, live the original CP life on CPZero.

Well, what are you waiting for? Come on and join Club Penguin Zero and experience the revival of Club Penguin.

Hang out with friends and enjoy the Club Penguin feel!

Adopt and play with your puffles, take them for a walk, feed them, give them a bath! Do what you would like with your puffles!

Quick view of Roan’s playercard!

Head on to the mine shack and down to the cave for some cart surfing! Games work!

Club Penguin Zero also has the ultimate safe chats! As you can see, you can’t type in those servers.

The Elite Penguin Force (EPF) works!

Be sure to join a band!

The stamps work, have a good time collecting them!

Alright, that will be it for this article on Club Penguin Zero, there will be more new features and advancements coming soon to Club Penguin Zero, stay tuned!

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