Club Penguin Rewritten is closing

Club Penguin Rewritten has been the most popular CPPS since the closure of Club Penguin, growing faster than any CPPS within its lifespan with one goal in mind – to revive Club Penguin in it’s older form.

Club Penguin Rewritten has accumulated over 1,800,000 registered players within the span of just over a year, and it’s closing very soon.

Last night, Club Penguin Rewritten announced on their social media that it’ll sadly be closing its doors.

This decision is, in fact, final, Club Penguin Rewritten will permanently close as of March 4th – this is not a joke, nor changing.

In a statement posted on their website, they confirmed there will be one final party, starting on 28th February till it’s closure on the 4th March at around 21:00 GMT.

There will be one last party, The Waddle On Party, which will take place Feb. 28 — Mar. 4.
At exactly Mar. 4, 14:00 Penguin Standard Time (or 21:00 GMT), the servers will be shutdown.
You can check the Clock Tower located at the Snow Forts.

The reasoning for this is quite unclear although a staff member stated in regards to this (via their official Discord), that it wasn’t just down to a former staff member, but the private information they gave to other people that meant members of the Club Penguin Rewritten team were in REAL LIFE risk. This hasn’t been confirmed by the whole administration team (yet) and may not be the actual case, although it’s the closest answer in regards to this abrupt closure (we’ll update this, once and if they do provide further information in relation to this).

The Club Penguin Rewritten team also had something to say to all its players, showing gratitude for its community, encouraging them to not give up and well, recommending to check out Disney’s Club Penguin Island to support them (if that’s your sort of cup of tea).

Note to all our players: Thank you. It has been such an incredible ride throughout the last year. We created parties, events, meetups and so, so much love towards our virtual world — Club Penguin. Together as a community we proved that we can bring back our favourite world with life. We are strong and always will be. This closure is not the end of our journey, but a new chapter for new discoveries and experiences. There are several other Club Penguin servers out there that you can find to keep the world spinning. You can also join Disney’s Club Penguin Island to support the official brand. Club Penguin is a community, not one specific game. The world will keep spinning as long as we are united.

One final comment also included a link to a video which they worded as “taking a trip down memory lane”, you can watch that video below.

Thank you to the whole Club Penguin Rewritten team for bringing the majority of the community together and bringing happiness to thousands/millions of people, we wish the whole team well and luck in the future.

We recommend readers give other CPPS’ a chance to shine, encourage and learn, you can take a look at our CPPS List to find an alternative for when Club Penguin Rewritten closes.

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