Club Penguin Re-Generated: Penguin Games

Club Penguin Re-generated is an AS2 remake of Club Penguin.

The Penguin Games has just recently launched on Club Penguin Re-generated.

The time has come to prove yourself. Are you as fast as you think you’re? Will you support your team? Are you a fast swimmer?

Are you Team Red or Team Blue? Whatever team you’re, support your team by competing in the island-wide marathon today.

If you’re supporting Team Red, don’t forget to grab your face paint from the Coffee Shop.

Or if you’re Team Blue, don’t forget to grab your face paint to support your team at the Pizza Parlor.

Find out how fast you REALLY are at swimming in the Cave.

The Penguin Games finishes on February 11th, so get involved while you can.

You can play Club Penguin Regenerated @ cpregen.me

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