Club Penguin Re-Generated: Operation Meltdown

Club Penguin Re-Generated is an AS2 recreation of Club Penguin.

An upcoming event has been announced under the name of Operation: Meltdown, which involves Herbert. P Bear (that pesky bear) and a quest to stop him.

The team at Club Penguin Re-Generated are currently struggling to gain control of their social media as the evil bear continues to repeatedly gain control of it, there’s a battle coming that will hopefully see the downfall of this troublesome bear.

Although we’re struggling to get in contact with the team, Herbert. P Bear has revealed to us two exclusive previews of what he calls the downfall of the Club Penguin Re-Generated island, he also laughed and said something on the lines of “Ha ha ha ha ha, these penguins think they can stop me”.

This party is set to be custom-made and will start on January 28th only on Club Penguin Re-Generated.

You can play the game before then at cpregen.me

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